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The goal of rhinoplasty is to have the nose blend naturally with other facial features. Even though rhinoplasty is common, it is a highly complex procedure that requires an aesthetic eye, in-depth knowledge, and surgical precision to do well. A plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist in Frisco, TX, Dr. Sean Hill was trained in advanced rhinoplasty techniques by master surgeons at UT Southwestern and during a craniofacial fellowship at UTMB. Dr. Hill has been an invited instructor at the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium, considered the premier educational rhinoplasty conference in the world, during which he taught the nuances of rhinoplasty to international guests. His background and skill in rhinoplasty are why patients travel from Plano and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to Dr. Hill’s practice for surgery.

Am I a candidate for rhinoplasty?

Healthy women and men who want to improve the appearance of their noses make good candidates for rhinoplasty (nose job) at our practice in Frisco, TX. This procedure may also be appropriate for adolescents once their facial growth is complete—which is typically around age 16 for girls and a bit later for boys—because results can be impacted by subsequent nasal growth. If breathing through your nose is hindered by a nose injury or a natural defect like a deviated septum, you may be a candidate for a functional rhinoplasty. Dr. Hill often makes cosmetic and functional improvements in the same surgery.

What can rhinoplasty treat?

Dr. Hill can provide any combination of the following improvements with this procedure:

  • Making the nose or nostrils smaller or larger
  • Reducing a hump or bump on the bridge
  • Reshaping the tip
  • Building up a flattened bridge
  • Correcting an injury or congenital defect
  • Improving breathing

At your private consultation, Dr. Hill will talk with you about the changes you’d like to make to your nose. He will carefully examine your nose, the quality of your skin, and your facial bone structure. Your nose should fit with your other features and the overall size of your face for a harmonious result. Dr. Hill may recommend combining nose surgery with chin augmentation for greater overall improvement.

Dr. Sean Hill, plastic surgeon and founder of Lone Star Plastic Surgery in Frisco, TX


Dr. Hill specializes in plastic surgery of the face, breasts, and body using proven, modern techniques. His approachable, lighthearted personality fosters positive, open communication with patients.

Meet Dr. Hill

What happens during rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr. Hill performs rhinoplasty as outpatient surgery using a general anesthetic. He prefers to use the open technique, which involves a tiny incision along the columella between the nostrils because it provides clear access to the internal structures of the nose. The specifics of the surgery vary depending on the patient’s needs. In general, Dr. Hill separates the outer skin from the underlying bone and cartilage and reshapes the nose into the desired form. He may use cartilage from another area of the face or body to build up or support parts of the nose. Once complete, he carefully repositions the outer skin and stitches the incision closed.

What does rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty (often called a nose job) at our Frisco, TX, practice varies depending on the patient’s specific needs and expectations. After your consultation with Dr. Hill, we provide a detailed price quote that you can take home to review without any pressure. It is important to remember that the cost of rhinoplasty—and all elective cosmetic procedures—is influenced by the training and experience of the plastic surgeon. Even though the cost is one consideration for patients, we recommend it shouldn’t be the primary factor in choosing a surgeon.

Does rhinoplasty leave a scar?

Open rhinoplasty does leave a tiny scar hidden in the crease between the columella and the upper lip that typically fades and becomes unnoticeable. Closed rhinoplasty leaves no external scars.

What is rhinoplasty recovery like?

Most of Dr. Hill’s rhinoplasty patients experience minimal discomfort after surgery, which can usually be controlled with over-the-counter pain medication. He typically does not use nasal packing, and instead supports and protects the nose with internal splints and an external splint that is removed after 5 days. Patients are usually ready to return to work, school, and other regular activities within 1 to 2 weeks.

While swelling significantly subsides within about 2 weeks, it may take 6 months to a year for the nose to completely settle into its new, enhanced shape.

Are you ready to get started?

To find out how Dr. Hill can enhance the look of your nose and your entire face with rhinoplasty, request a consultation using our online form or call our office at (214) 937-4879 to schedule an appointment.

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