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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can give you the full, shapely, natural-looking breasts you want if yours don’t match the vision you have for yourself. Dr. Sean Hill is a caring plastic surgeon who has extensive training and experience in modern breast surgery techniques. He is a published author and has presented at national meetings on current trends in breast augmentation. Dr. Hill can enhance your natural breasts using the latest silicone or saline implants while minimizing scars and downtime. Visit Lone Star Plastic Surgery for breast augmentation in Frisco, Texas, and feel beautiful and confident in whatever you wear.

How can breast augmentation help?

Women choose breast augmentation to enhance their appearance and confidence. This procedure can provide any combination of the following improvements:

  • Fill out naturally small breasts
  • Replace volume lost after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss
  • Balance breasts of different sizes
  • Improve breast shape and cleavage

Dr. Hill will personalize the procedure to your unique anatomy and cosmetic goals to provide the natural-looking improvements that matter most to you.

Am I a candidate for breast augmentation?

The best candidates for breast augmentation are healthy women who are at least 18 and have realistic expectations about its outcome. While implants can correct slight sagging, a breast lift may be needed if your nipples sag below your breast crease. For many women, Dr. Hill combines these two procedures.

Which breast implants are the best for me?

Choosing breast implants is a very personal matter. Dr. Hill will walk you through all of your choices and help you choose the size and type of implant best suited for your body, cosmetic goals, and lifestyle. Options include:

  • Fill material: silicone gel or saline
  • Size: measured in volume (cc) not cup size
  • Shape: round or teardrop (also called anatomical or shaped)
  • Profiles: range from low to high
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Dr. Hill specializes in plastic surgery of the face, breasts, and body using proven, modern techniques. His approachable, lighthearted personality fosters positive, open communication with patients.

Meet Dr. Hill

What happens during breast augmentation surgery?

Dr. Hill performs breast augmentation as an outpatient procedure using a general anesthetic, so you sleep comfortably during the surgery. He makes the incisions and creates a space behind the breast tissue, called the pocket, for each breast implant. Dr. Hill then inserts the implants and adjusts the size or pocket as necessary to ensure he has achieved the desired size, shape, and position. He closes the incisions and covers them with surgical tape.

While he is trained in a variety of techniques, Dr. Hill prefers to perform breast augmentation using the following options for beautiful results and the lowest complication rates:

  • Breast crease (inframammary) incision allows optimal control during surgery and conceals the scar along the underside of the breast.
  • Keller Funnel™, which looks much like a cone or pastry bag, is used to insert the implants through the smallest possible incision and without contact to keep them sterile.
  • Dual-plane implant placement where the implant pocket is under the chest muscle at the top of the breast for a natural slope, and behind the center of the breast in the lower portion for a natural-looking projection. This technique has the lowest rate of capsular contracture—a complication where the normal scar tissue that forms around the implant thickens and hardens.

What is recovery like after breast augmentation?

Because of his meticulous surgical techniques, Dr. Hill enables his breast augmentation patients to recover in just 24 hours. This rapid recovery is possible because patients typically can control post-surgical pain with Tylenol and Motrin instead of narcotics. Dr. Hill has found that when patients use narcotics, they spend the first 24 hours after surgery in bed barely moving. When they begin to move around, they are sore. The range of motion exercises he recommends speed up recovery as well. Patients are typically able to leave the house and go out to dinner the evening of surgery. Most return to work within just a few days.

Are you ready to enhance the beauty of your breasts?

To find out how Dr. Hill can help you have the beautiful breasts you want, request a consultation using our online form or call our office at (214) 937-4879 to schedule an appointment.

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